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The Adventures of Charlie
and the
Incredible Truth Machine

Well you've finally arrived at the place for the fun photography you want to see - TRUST ME ON THAT! This is the real stuff. FUN! That's what I do the photography for. I do not subscribe to the "Life is jus' a vale of tears!" BS, cuz this is what I see out there in the real world folks! So if my pictures bring you a smile, support the photographer! Buy a print. Or make a sufficient donation to get your print for free. This is a non-profit organization so far. But, with your donations/purchases, I can keep bringing those smiles to you. And if you really want to have some fun to keep on your coffee table and share with your friends when they drop by, buy an artist's early manuscript edition of the book, THE ADVENTURES OF CHARLIE AND THE INCREDIBLE TRUTH MACHINE, before it gets published out there in the big time. For more information just click on the links above.